Friday, August 3, 2012

Quick Update

     Ziven did well at the vetès today except for taking his blood for the test.  But he was still a good boy.  He is about 14 weeks old and will be going to Petsmart on Sunday.  Denver, Isabelle, Izzy, Garrison and Ziven all go to Petsmart so my house will be quiet for a week.  Hopefully they find their forever homes and if not I will pick them up on Saturday.
     Dexter got adopted today.  She will be keeping his name which makes me smile as I put a lot of thought into picking names.
     The little 7 P babies are doing much better today.  Tues and Wed they lost weight, some up to 30 g which is a lot when they are only 300g in the first place.  Today was the first worry free day for a quite a while.  They are tiny but still have the maturity of  38 day old kittens.  They play a lot even with the older kittens who are amazingly gentle with the little ones.  They follow me everywhere in the house.  This morning Pecan, Pekko, Patton and Pierce were crying for attention. So I knelt on the floor and leaned over and had them wrapped in my arms.  They were very wiggly and totally happy.  They love to come and have some one on one time too so a lot of hugs are given during my day.

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