Saturday, August 25, 2012

Little Update

Paige, Patton, Pecan, Pierce, Pekko, Pipkin and Paisley are growing.  They are doing well and all gained weight today.  The smallest is Patton at 460g (up from 418 yesterday) and the biggest is Paige at 604g.  One of them (amazing how babies don't squeal) set my computer to lock me out as a user.  I hate when kittens who are only 8 weeks old are more computer savy than I am.  I managed to figure out how to allow myself access again on the computer.  They are so cute and my heart broke a little bit today thinking that I will have to say goodbye too soon.  Melissa and her mom came to see Pecan and Paisley so she could pick the one she will wait to adopt. She fell in love with Pecan who promptly sat on her lap and fell asleep.  It will be a great home, Pecan is a lucky little girl.

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