Friday, August 24, 2012

28 little kitten feet

     I got an email Saturday morning that Georgia was being adopted and that I didn't need to go to Petsmart as everyone was adopted.  Then I got a call a 2 pm saying the adoption didn't happen so I picked Georgia up.  Then the shelter called and two people came to see Georgia and she was adopted by 5 pm. 
     Denver was visited on Monday but the man wanted to wait until the end of the month. After a couple of days I was given the number for the people who were next in line to see him. I called them and they came to see him Wednesday. They said they wanted to adopt him on Friday.  So Thursday night I held him and talked to Denver and said how much I would miss him.  Of course I shed some tears.  He was special to me but has gone to a wonderful home who will love him as he deserves to be loved. Every baby is special and unique.
     This morning (good thing it was alread 6 am) I had 28 baby kitten feet running through my bedroom, under my bed, chasing each other, onto my bed and sitting on my chest.  I had time to spare so I loved any kitten that wanted to be loved.  What happiness and much purring!  Pierce is finally, finally off the bottle.  What a determined little boy wanting to stay on the bottle.  He was the oldest baby to give up the bottle refusing to even eat a bit of canned food until he was over 8 weeks old.  He is a true mama's boy and sits at my feet meowing when he wants to be picked up.  He will sit on his haunches and reach up to me when I bend down to pick him up.  Then he snuggles right in.  Paige was 598g this morning.  She should be the first baby to reach 600g.  They are such wonderful babies doing all the things kittens should do.  It is busy in my house when all 7 are in play mode.  This morning 4 babies and Denver were playing in a sunspot.  It makes me smile and feel good.

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